Residential Select Trashcan Cleaning will visit you on the day that your trash is collected to ensure that your trash cans are as fresh as possible the next time you touch them. Then, our trusted cleaning process begins…


Before the cleaning process begins, we will check each trash can for any debris that has been left behind. Large pieces will be bagged and placed back into the trash can after our process is complete so that it will be taken away the next time your trash is collected.


After inspection, the trash can is taken to the back of our unit, where it is lifted and rotated over a specially designed pressure washing system. The pressure head rotates at a high speed in all directions and blasts all debris off the can.


When the pressure washing process is complete, the trash can is lowered back down to the curb. A technician will then sanitize the inside and outside of the can to ensure that the bacteria has been eliminated.


Finally, an easily removable tag is placed on the trash can’s handle to confirm that the container has been thoroughly cleaned and is ready to return to your home.

Not only does our cleaning process remove 99% of bacteria from trash cans, but it is also environmentally friendly. Our specialized equipment ensures that the bacteria from your trash can does not end up in your yard, driveway, or drainage system.

Cleaning your trash cans on a regular basis is a small investment in the health and happiness of your home. Contact us today and let the professionals at Select Trashcan Cleaning do the dirty work for you!

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