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Trash cans are a breeding ground for bacteria and diseases such as ecoli, salmonella and listeria.

Unless you are sanitizing your trash can (not just washing it out) you are not effectively killing the viruses living in your trash can.

Every home has a dirty little secret: the trash can.

No one likes the smell of a trash can, but did you know that the odors produced by garbage are directly related to bacteria growth? Trash cans are a breeding ground for a wide variety of organisms that can develop a harmful environment for the people in your home or business. Discarded food not only grows bacteria, but can also attract unwanted visitors like insects or rodents.

You deserve the fresh air and peace of mind that come with professional trash can cleaning services. At Select Trashcan Cleaning, we pride ourselves on our proven eco-friendly cleaning system, leaving a clean, healthy environment in every home and business we visit.

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