Let us do the dirty work

The dumpsters outside your business probably aren’t something you think about very often, but they can make a big impression on potential customers.

Offensive odors, flies, rodents – all of these can be a big turn-off for someone who is considering walking through your door. Our services will leave you with clean, odor-free dumpsters and trash cans that will make a much better first impression. If even the trash cans are clean, customers will have confidence that the rest of your business is in great shape too!

Manual cleaning involves harsh chemicals, and often results in bacteria and chemicals flowing into drainage systems, contaminating the water supply. When employees are required to clean trash cans, their time is not being used efficiently and their health is being put at risk. Most businesses simply don’t have the equipment required to clean trash cans in a thorough, eco-friendly way.

Let the professionals at Select Trashcan Cleaning do the dirty work so that you can get the most out of your employees and keep a happy, healthy work environment.

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