Why Clean Your Trash Can?

It’s not something most of us think about very often.

Why would we need to clean something that holds our garbage?

The answer is simple – because it holds our garbage! Trash cans are a dark, protected environment full of discarded food and waste. This means that they’re a perfect place for bacteria and other organisms to grow. In fact, studies show that the average trash can is home to over 400 bacteria per square inch. [SOURCE]

Once your trash can has started cultivating bacteria, the problem becomes much larger.

Every time you touch your trash can, you could pick up and transfer those germs to other parts of the house. This is especially bad news for homes with children, who tend to be less careful with what they touch. Bacteria like salmonella, staph, e. coli, listeria, and mold can find their way into the rest of your home if your trash can is neglected.

How can you put a stop to this problem before it gets out of control?

Clean your trash cans regularly! If you want the job done without risking your own health and contaminating the environment, contact the professionals at Select Trashcan Cleaning. We’re not afraid to do the dirty work, and we’ll give you the confidence of knowing that your home’s dirtiest secret is now squeaky clean!

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